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…..Says Dr. Henry S. Lodge, M.D. in his precise and informative book “Younger Next Year”. A book, I might say, that everyone over 40 years old should read. It gives a wonderful account of what goes on with us and our bodies both physical and emotional as we age. Yes, we do age. I understand some of us want to know how not to age. Well, as my fellow Fitness Professional and comrade Felix Capurro at California Fitness Center said, “If you find the answer please tell me and no one else!”  We could make a BOAT LOAD of money.

But, yes, (sigh) we do age. It happens. Decay, on the other hand is optional. We can keep the muscle, the balance, the posture, the lung capacity, the ability to stand, walk, run, jump, make cookies, make love and whatever else you can think of. All we have to do is stay active. And I don’t mean taking a walk around the block a few times a week. I mean exercise. Cardio. Resistance training. That’s right. Get yourself to the gym. We’re here at California Fitness Center waiting for you. We make it fun! Lift a few weights. Run on the treadmill. Ride the bike. Learn how to eat right. What to eat. When to eat. All of the components of a healthy lifestyle.

Did you know that you fell down just as much when you were a kid as you do now? It’s true. Studies were done and researchers found that we fall down just as much when we’re young as we do as older adults. But when we were younger we have faster reflexes. We’re stronger. We catch ourselves. As we age the proprioceptors (nerves that identify the environment and send messages to the brain) in our body get slower. So when the body trips the nerves send slower signals to the muscles and “boom” we go down. But did you know that resistance training tightens those signals, makes them fire faster? No more “boom”.

Exercise with resistance also make daily functional activity easier. Getting in and out of the car, climbing stairs, getting off the couch or out of a chair, grocery shopping, carrying the groceries, putting the groceries away. I could go on and on. But I think you get the picture.

And don’t forget the mind. Yes, it will decay as well. But getting in shape makes you look better. And looking better makes you feel better. And feeling better makes life better. And so on and so on.

So when you are standing in front of the mirror, looking at the lines, wrinkles and the gray remember: there is nothing we can do about that. But as your gaze travels down the rest of the body and you see things that are saggy, loose, soft and misshapen; well there’s something to be done about that. Call me. Write me. Send a smoke signal. I can help. Thanks for listening and have a healthy day!

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