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An Ounce of Prevention…Can I Have A Pound? By James Lanza, CPFI

This month I’m going to talk about a HUGE pet-peeve of mine. Yes, I do have quite a few. And you’re all yelling, “I know what it is!! I know what it is!!” Well, you might. But it doesn’t have to do with fast food restaurants, artificial this-and-that in our foods or Trans fatty acids. Or even the long list of micro, macro and Mickey Mouse diets flooding our land.

It has to do with prevention. Prevention of illness. Prevention of breaks, sprains, traumas, rips, cuts, tears, replacements of body parts so worn down from lack of use. These preventions. Now, you’re probably wondering what my pet peeve is about prevention. It’s not about that. It’s about the fact that prevention is less important than cure. Insurance companies will take your money for years and years and when you need a hip replacement, they’ll pay for it. Or when you fall and break your arm, they’ll pay for it. Or when you have a heart attack, they’ll fix it for you.

But why is it that they don’t pay for you to prevent most of those things happening to you?  Wouldn’t it be easier and maybe a little cheaper in the long run to subsidize time spent with a Fitness Professional than to pay for time spent with a doctor? I know for myself that the time I spend waiting for the doctor is expensive enough. When I make an appointment with a client, I see that client at that exact time. (Imagine if I could double or triple book clients? You’ve heard the phrase “tar & feather”?) Anyway, I digress. It happens after a big meal. Or is that digest? Hmmm.

So what about this? To prevent heart attacks: Exercise. Work out. Eat right. To prevent hip replacements: Exercise. Work out. Eat right. To prevent rips, tears, sprains etc.: Exercise. Work out. Eat right. You see where I’m going with this?

Now don’t everyone start screaming at once. I always talk in the “general”. There is no “exact” in fitness. Some people will have to get those things done regardless of how much exercise they do. However, you increase your chances of safety and prevention by doing those things I mentioned.

For instance, let’s take a little thing like falling and spraining your arm. Actually, let’s just take falling. If two guys, one a professional athlete (you can insert sport, team and name here) and the other an average couch potato were walking down 5th Ave in N.Y.C. during the winter months window shopping (they might be a couple; they might not. Your choice) and they both slipped on an ice patch on the ground, chances are the couch potato would fall. Break an arm. Sprain an ankle. Bruise an elbow. But the athlete? No way. His body is conditioned. Muscles are strong and tight. Joints are strong. His balance and awareness is heightened. All because of strength conditioning, core training and just plain old exercise.

Maybe it’s time to write to whoever makes those decisions and get companies to subsidize exercise. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Boy ain’t that the truth.

Have a healthy day and thanks for listening.

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