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H2O MY GOD! By James Lanza, CPFI

Remember when water was just that? Water? I was in the store the other day and I happened to walk down the beverage isle. I felt like I was Moses leading my people through the Red Sea. There was water on both sides. And not just water. Super water. Smart water. Power water. Bubbly water. Non-bubbly water. Fruity water. Colored water. Sweet water. Sour water. Fiber water.  Antioxidant water. Protein water. Oxygenated water.

Water in glass bottles. Water in plastic bottles. Water in bags. Water in bottles that have a squeeze top. Water in bottles that have a twist top. Water in bottles that have a twisty squeeze top.


With summer in full swing, we have got to drink plenty of water. When it’s hot like this, you have to remember to hydrate. Seventy five per cent of your body is fluid. And you will dehydrate. Moisture will evaporate. So replace the fluid. Drink plenty of water.

But just how smart is it to drink smart water? Smart for the manufacturer I think. Don’t be fooled by the hype. The food industry spends billions of dollars trying to sell us on their products. And they’ll tell us anything to get us to buy. The other day someone tried to sell me oxygenated water. Water with oxygen added. Is this for people that don’t breathe while they exercise? Call me funny, but if you add another “O” to water doesn’t it become H2O2? Then it’s not water. I don’t know what it is, but it’s not water! (it’s actually peroxide) Besides, your body doesn’t get oxygen from water. It gets water from water. ‘Nuff said.

I was looking at an ad for a beverage that claimed to be a “thirst quencher”. It was in a thirty two ounce bottle. People, thirty two ounces of anything will quench your thirst! And water will do just fine.

Also, be careful of the drinks that contain sugars. They will cause a bit of weight gain. And the drinks that contain artificial sweeteners will cause your head to roll right off of your shoulders. Just kidding. But they do cause headaches in some people.

As for all of the other beverages that they (the food industry) hype, well it’s just that. Hype. Don’t believe it. Get your vitamins from fresh fruits and vegetables, your fiber from breads and grains, your protein from meats, beans and nuts and quench your thirst the good old fashioned way. Water. Plain and simple.

If you have any questions or you need more information don’t hesitate to call us! We’re always here for you!

Thanks for listening and have a healthy day!

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