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Ain’t that a kick in the pants? A new study that appeared in the April edition of Archives of Pediatrics and Adolescent Medicine claims that researchers found a gene in the body that causes obesity in children! It’s called the FTO gene and it causes weight gain when it shows up in a variant form. Adults who carry two copies of the variant form-about one in six-weigh an average of seven pounds more than people who don’t. Go figure! All these years I’ve been blaming my Italian mother and her pasta. And here it was the FTO gene! Sorry Mom!!

Anyway, in the study, 752 teenagers had their blood tested for the gene and wore monitoring devices during waking hours to measure their physical activity. They found that exercising an hour a day made a big difference in the teens who were genetically predisposed to the gene. And the teens that didn’t exercise had bigger waist lines, more body fat and higher Body Mass Indexes.

The research was funded by Spain, Sweden and the European Union. The findings coincide with U.S. Government regulations on childhood obesity.

So, bottom line is this. Children need to exercise at least one hour a day. Whether they have the gene or not. If they do have the gene, exercise helps. If they don’t, exercise won’t hurt.

And guess what else? Parents could use a little kick in the pants as well. Go out with your kids and play ball. Ride a bike. Walk the dog together. Go for a run or hike a hill. Play hide and seek. Play “hike” and seek. Whatever. But it would be a great precedent to set for your kids. If they see you do it, they might be more inclined to do it.

We have great programs here for parents and kids. Come and take a few sessions with your son or daughter. We’ll make it exciting and fun. It’ll be safe but very motivating. And you’ll love it!

So get up and move and let’s kick that “fatso” gene right in the keister!

Thanks for listening and have a healthy day!

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