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It’s not a trick question. And you’re all thinking that Lanza has finally lost it. After all of the exercising, cardio, resistance, flexibility and core training Lanza has finally exercised his marbles away. Lost them completely. My body and my car are no different? What kind of supplements is this guy taking?

Well, let me assure you all that I have not exercised my marbles away. And the only supplements I take are multi-vitamins, minerals and a wonderful protein drink to add the extra protein I need during the day. Because, as you know, we are all carbohydrate junkies. So a little extra protein is good for you.

Now, back to your car and your body. When you wake up in the morning, do you pop right out of bed and run to the closet to get dressed? Or is it more of a “wake up, spend a few minutes wondering where you are, what day it is, stretch a little, roll out of bed on your side, sit on the edge of the bed and wonder if it’s Saturday and do you really have to get up?” I thought so. When you get into your car and start it up do you drive it immediately or let it warm up a little, letting the oil warm up to coat the pistons so it doesn’t sputter.

If you’re going to take a long trip, say to Palm Springs, or San Francisco or Bakersfield (I don’t know, some people might need to go there) do you first fill your tank up with gas? It’s the same as your body. Think of starting your day as a long trip. Eat breakfast. Put fuel into it. You won’t break down or find yourself running out of gas.

You know that forty dollar fuel pump? Same as your heart. They pretty much do the same thing. When the fuel line gets clogged no gas gets to the engine. When your arteries get clogged no blood gets to the heart. Boom! Heart attack. Which, by the way, has nothing to do with the heart. Your heart is probably still in good shape. It’s the circulatory system that’s the problem. A heart attack happens when blood flow is interrupted. So you need to clean out the line so to speak. (I’ll give you a secret. Cardio.) It’s like a high pressure hose pushing out all the gunk in your arteries. Gets it clean.

I can go on and on about the similarities but you get the picture. And here’s a final thought. You take your car in for maintenance. Change the oil. Rotate the tires. Clean or change the things needed to be cleaned or changed. Every seven, twelve, twenty-five, fifty thousand miles. It keeps the car running efficiently. Lasts longer.

But what about your body? Do you keep it in good running condition? Use the best fuel, get the maintenance check ups? Change the oil, rotate the tires so you can keep it a little longer? Running efficiently?

Give us a call here a Lanza Fitness and we’ll perform a diagnostics test for you. We can show you what you can do to help your body last a little longer and keep your trade-in value at the top level.

Thanks for listening and have a healthy day!


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