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Are you a good witch or a bad witch? At the end of every year I ask that question to the New Year coming in. It’s a line from my favorite movie of all time. I sit in my living room and ponder what I’ve done all year long. How I’ve treated people, my family and friends, my clients, the lady at the checkout counter. The wonderful people at the grocery store who come up to me and ask if I need help? Oh, what a question to ask me. They don’t know what kind of can of worms they’re opening with that question.

As the New Year comes in and I go through my thoughts of this year, I ask the New Year “Are you a good witch or a bad witch?” Did I mention it’s a line from my favorite movie?

Is it enough to want the year to be better for us because we think we deserve it? Or is it up to us to make it a good year? Are there things we can do to make it a good witch or should we go about our business and let it be a bad witch? As we go along the yellow brick road and we encounter people in need of a helping hand, whether it be some love, a good hug or a slap in the face, do we stop to help? Should we, in 2017, make it a point to even try to attempt to take a journey and follow the yellow brick road to wherever our hearts take us? And maybe pick up some friends along the way? Don’t be afraid of the ghosts and goblins in the forest. Or the lions and tigers and bears. Oh my! They can’t hurt you if you have the Good Fairy watching over you. Just keep your faith and go on the journey. Run like hell through the poppies and eventually you’ll get to where you’re going. Help a few people along the way. It’s been said that the size of a man’s heart is not measured by how much he loves, but by how much he is loved by others.

I think 2017 should be a good year. Our nation is still a little shaky. The economy is still in the toilet. I guess the new President will try his best. There are people trying their best to do what they can to stay afloat. Some are getting hit with little green apples with worms. Some are getting hit with fire balls. I thought I saw some flying monkeys the other day. Turns out they were the IRS on their way to an audit.

I certainly am trying to find the man behind the curtain. My life took a little detour in 2016. It wasn’t such a good year but I did my best. I lost my stuffing for a bit. But some friends helped me stuff it back in. I knew I had a heart because I felt it break. And I once heard that hearts will never be practical until they’re made unbreakable. My courage was challenged. But I refuse to surrender. I ran the road. I traversed the poppy field. I made it through the forest.

And at the end I found that there’s no place like home.

Happy New Year.

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