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Apparently, studies now show that drinking alcohol is more important than exercising. Yup. And four cups of coffee a day cures most cancer, eating corn on the cob twice a day cures diabetes, and hey..swallowing small amounts of saliva over a period of many years can make you remember where you put your keys. I mean really? Sadly, it’s true. Not the article itself, but the fact it got published and then it ran on every news station and media outlet. I guess that’s what they call fake news.

The study shows that a couple of beers a day, or a glass of wine a day is more important than exercise to live past ninety years old. I can tell you that most research I’ve read regarding drinking alcohol, in moderate limits, each day can definitely help reduce stress and help with heart and cardiovascular related problems. Moderate limits being the operative phrase. It’s been proven in many research trials by many reputable doctors, clinicians and scientists.

This research apparently was done by four researchers from UC Irvine. An MD, an ScD, a PhD, and an RN. They studied, tested and reviewed people in the “Over 90” group. People who are ninety years plus. Questionnaires were filled out, dialogue was recorded and brain function was monitored. I read the report. People who drank moderate amounts of coffee and alcohol lived longer than those who didn’t. People who were overweight in their seventies lived longer than those who were underweight. Over forty percent of people ninety and older suffer from dementia and eighty percent are disabled. And we know all of this already. Nothing new.

But nowhere in the study did I read that any of these people didn’t exercise. Nowhere did I read that most of these people drank margaritas instead of going to the gym. (Is this why the cup holders are square on the treadmills? For the whiskey bottles!! Of course!) Now, I can understand if the researchers didn’t see the participants going to the gym after the testing and instead they all sat around passing the whiskey bottle. But I have to be honest and say that if I reach ninety I can assure you that I will not be heading to the gym as much as I will be heading to the liquor cabinet. Just sayin.

This article has all of my clients in a tizzy. They want to meet at Charlie’s Bar & Grill for their next session. Anyway, be careful of what you read and always know the source of the research. Remember, people are trying to sell magazines, newspapers and online content. Don’t be fooled by everything you read. Except mine.

Thanks for listening and have a healthy day!!

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