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And what a future we’re in for. I’m not being pessimistic. This is the reality. Over sixty-five percent of children under sixteen years old are overweight or obese. If this trend continues most of our leaders in the years following will suffer from diabetes, heart problems, breathing problems, vascular conditions, skeletal structure maladies, high blood pressure, etc. etc. etc. Need I say more?

Now you’re shouting “No more!!! Please. we get the message! No more!” Oh, I wish it were that simple. Hold on to your chairs because I’m going to get preachy in a moment. Nah. I’ll get preachy now.

With the invention of modern electronics comes lack of movement. When I was a kid, I walked to school, in the snow; up hill both ways…Get my point?

Children need to move more. Eat less processed foods. Eat more fresh and natural fruits and veggies. Eat less fast food, but if you eat fast food, choose wisely. Although it’s hard to choose wisely when you’re a single parent and you have to feed three kids on a budget and the burger joint is offering a double cheeseburger for $.99 cents but a grilled chicken sandwich costs $4.29. What’s a parent to do? Go for the cheeseburger. But get fruit instead of fries. See what I mean?

Our wonderful educational system has taken the “movement” out of schools. The “no child left behind” program has taken the funds used for other programs, like P.E., and left the others dry. So, now we’re pushing the kids through to not leave them behind but it’s their behind that’s suffering!

I’ve been working with young people for years, watching the weight melt off. It’s easy! Twice a week, half hour at a time, and presto chango! Now our future leaders are taking stairs two at a time!

We here at Lanza Fitness Personal Training have dedicated ourselves to changing people’s lives to a healthier way of living. Especially the children. We teach them how to move. How to work with light resistance and have fun doing it. How to eat properly while still enjoying the fun foods. The importance of activity while still having fun with the play station. It’s just a matter of balance.

I was watching the morning news the other day, and I saw Richard Simmons being interviewed. I love Richard! He reminds me of my Aunt Martha.

Apparently, Richard has drafted a new bill that’s in Congress. It’s going to amend the “No child left with a big behind”. I mean “No child left behind” (but wouldn’t that be a proper bill? Hmmm). The bill is going to ear mark money for P.E. in schools. What a novel idea. And YOU can help!

Go to and click on “Richard goes to Washington”. There you’ll be taken to a program to write your Congress Person in support of the bill. You can copy and paste the letter, enter your zip code where you’ll be taken to your Congress Person’s e-mail and click send! It’s that’s easy.

Ironic, isn’t it. That which makes it so easy for us to accomplish, such as the internet, has made us and our children the focus of this article.

Have a healthy day and thanks for listening!

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